World Overview

Welcome to Taran, a place largely shrouded and still yet full of things to discover.

Taran is the name of the primary landmass of this world, and includes those islands near to it. In some cases, it is difficult to tell if a rising mountain belongs to the continent or is separated from it— in large part due to the mist.

A unique feature of Taran is the mist which constantly overlays it. It is generally mild, sometimes burning away with the midday sun, other times thickening into storm clouds, but it is a fairly constant feature. Those who live in the mountains or on the high steppes where it is thinnest see little effect from it. At the lowest points and near sea level, however, the mist hangs like a thick veil, never fully lifting even on the hottest of summer days. Down here, in the valleys and jungles, there are strange creatures and dangerous prospects, unknown to the general populace of the ‘higher civilizations’, except for the fact that it is mysterious to them. It’s not as though there aren’t roads into the misty areas, or even that it is so uncommon for people to venture down. However, with airships held aloft by magic and gnomish innovation, most people see little reason to pass through when they can simply fly over— for a fee, of course.

For this reason, general knowledge of the undermist is limited, generally to those that spend time down there— bards, traders, explorers. All the same, maps of Taran tend to only include the ‘islands’ of land well above the mist-bound areas, including the incredible sky islands that float thousands of feet above land. There is simply no demand for anything more, not up on the steppes, and what few maps are available are usually not well drawn.

As for what truly lies under the mist, stories vary, from the spooky to the wildly fantastical. Anyone who has been down there will tell, all sorts of things are down there: towering mushroom forests, miles-long mangrove lakes, winding canyons and liberal caves, rumored to feed into a huge underground cave system beneath the continent. The only uniting thread to every tale is that it is certainly different from life up here.

World Overview

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